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Role of a Front-End Developer

Your website is a sum of layers—structure, data, design, content, and functionality. Creating that user-facing functionality is the job of a front-end developer.…

super-admin January 21, 2017

What is UI design? Discover what UI Design and UX Design are all about!

Learn about a typical UX designer job, UX designer job interview, UX designer portfolio, UI/UX designer salary and overall UI/UX designer career.

super-admin June 21, 2016

Apple making major changes to the App Store, including search ads and more

Apple is making significant changes to its App Store including the addition of search advertisements and a revamp to the developer subscription model. Ahead of the…

super-admin June 9, 2016

Google is offering app developers the same revenue sharing terms Apple just announced — with one big advantage

Unlike Apple, the Play Store split would take effect immediately.

super-admin June 9, 2016

UI Interactions of the week

GIF Animation for Recipes and Cooking by Sergey Valiukh for T U B I K ToFind Card Stream Revision by Leo Leung Citadela — countries by Vilém Ries Mrbara Fashion…

super-admin June 2, 2016

Illdy – Free One Page WordPress Business Theme

Illdy is a stunning multipurpose WordPress theme built based on Bootstrap frontend framework making it fully responsive and mobile friendly. This theme is well suited…

super-admin May 26, 2016

15 Best Responsive Dashboard HTML5 & CSS3 AngularJS

Web technologies are a rapidly evolving field of numerous competing standards that are constantly innovating themselves and building upon their capacities in order…

super-admin April 25, 2016