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5 free UX design eBooks designers

super-admin - January 1, 2016 - 0 comments

1. Web Design Book of Trends 2015 & 2016

This book is published by UXPin, the familiar name in the world of user experience design. The piece discusses web design trends during the last year and also hints about 2016. As a designer, you must keep up with latest tastes and trends where this book can help. There are lots of real world examples from high profile companies like Apple, Dropbox, Spotify etc. Check it today!



2. Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook 3

Published by ustwo, Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook has been being updated year-to-year. The latest version of this book has got 40 pages of new materials. You will find visual web design lessons in this title. There are Photoshop guides with screenshots, prototyping tips, UX best practice examples and more. If you’ve read its previous versions, you will notice some improvements in the UX of the book itself.



3. 50 User Experience Best Practices

Presented by Above the Fold, this self explanatory titled book can tell you half of a hundred user experience best practices. It focuses on 5+ major areas of a great UX offering. The piece will help you to revamp creative processes, better collaborate with team members, conducting user researches beyond surveys/questionnaires, UI design, making content strategies and frontend development.



4. The UX Reader

MailChimp’s The UX Reader comprises the best contents of its newsletter and exclusive stuffs created for only the eBook. The book has 5 categories or chapters- collaboration, research, design, development and refinement. At some point of time, this book was a premium title which has been made available for free by now.



5. Web UI Design for the Human Eye

UXPin explains the science of the relationship between human eye and design in this book. The multi-volume book discusses emotional effects of colors, the influence of design on human sight, optical illusions, F-Pattern, Z-Pattern and more. I strongly believe you will be benefited by reading this book(s).



Hope you will enjoy the above pieces very much. Do you have any eBook suggestion? Share via comments!