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15 Best Responsive Dashboard HTML5 & CSS3 AngularJS

super-admin - April 25, 2016 - 0 comments

Web technologies are a rapidly evolving field of numerous competing standards that are constantly innovating themselves and building upon their capacities in order to better serve their function and to always be increasing how much, how fast and how well they can do things. As people come to expect more and better behavior from their websites and applications, a high quality solution stack becomes entirely crucial to the successful deployment of most web-based or app-based software.

While options abound and the incredible speed at which standards evolve means it’s difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest advancements, and for webmasters, IT managers and software developers, there often isn’t a choice—your business lives and dies by the latest tech, and there is simply no time to waste playing catch-up. Software frameworks help out in this task, of course, but even then, keeping up with all the different frameworks can be impossible in itself. Luckily, you don’t always have to. The following collection of admin panel template pages has been curated to represent the best of the best of AngularJS compatible and enabled admin panel template pages available for web apps. If you, your clients or your application demands a quick and seamless adoption of expansive HTML JavaScript libraries like AngularJS, look no further than the following. Here are some awesome AngularJS admin templates that you can use to create an awesome admin panel for your web app.

Monarch (Most Popular)

Monarch is a clean and minimal Bootstrap based admin template with  comes in AngularJS and HTML version. This template is highly customizable and can be used as admin dashboard, user dashboard or anything in between. This is our most popular Bootstrap powered admin template and is used by thousands of developers worldwide. You can’t go wrong by choosing this template by your upcoming project because it is ready to handle everything for you.



Triangular is an entirely cutting-edge, amazingly innovative, unimaginably powerful, visually stunning and sophisticated, profoundly stylish and highly customizable admin panel template page, a highly pliable and thoroughly flexible backend framework for your web application needs that is built on the incredibly convenient AngularJS 1.4 framework, an amazingly powerful set of tools, libraries and readymade code that permits the creation of amazing client-side web applications based on enhanced HTML language. Triangular combines the amazing AngularJS framework with Google’s visionary Material Design philosophy, implemented via use of Angular Material tools.

This provides for a brilliantly colorful, customizable, multilevel and gridlike user interface that is incredibly intuitive and visually appealing, and aesthetically keeps close to the new standards of the mobile and web-based application industries, maintaining a visual discourse that is modern and easily identifiable. Over 700 Material Design icons are included with Triangular, as well as over 500 Font Awesome icons, and limitless hierarchical menu levels are possible with just a few clicks. Advanced SASS stylesheets are used throughout all 50 example pages included with Triangular. Headings are automatically filled out with convenient hierarchical breadcrumbs, and free updates are included. If you need a strong admin panel dressed in Material Design style, Triangular is your man.



Avenxo is an incredibly flexible, completely developer-friendly, technologically sophisticated and deeply resourceful, highly innovative, visually customizable, easily modifiable and cleanly coded admin panel template page, a carefully constructed, responsive, top-of-the-line admin page for the most demanding applications imaginable, from large corporate intranet systems to content management systems, single page application interfaces and many similar needs. Avenxo has been built for the needs of programmers and developers, and as such, is platform-agnostic: it is available both in pure HTML flavor with Liquid files included, as well as in a far more programmer-accessible AngularJS presentation, which is coupled with both Bower for front-end dependencies and Grunt for seamless deployment and task management, making code update and code maintenance an simple and painless experience.

Avenxo has been built with the Bootstrap framework at its core, meaning that every aspect of your admin panel framework will be responsive, mobile-friendly and of course, Bootstrap-compatible, which comes in handy when coordinating larger projects, networks or databases across many platforms. Avenxo is also touch-capable out of the box, as well as equipped with handsome off-canvas menus that keep the onscreen user interface simple and intuitive, streamlining workflow and simply making life easier. What’s not to love about Avenxo?



Piluku is a highly sophisticated, deeply versatile, profoundly responsive, enormously convenient, vastly powerful and entirely customizable, developer-friendly and cleanly coded admin panel template page. Piluku has been developed on top of Twitter’s brilliant Bootstrap framework, providing a set of inherently mobile-friendly building blocks that are the foundation of Piluku. LESS is deployed with reliability and effectiveness, providing very code-efficient stylesheets that minimize server loads while still producing the most beautiful, uniform and easily prototyped aesthetical results in all your web applications.

A flat, minimalist design philosophy permeates Piluku, with plenty of elements that incorporate Material Design tendencies and a common visual language perfect for the web. Piluku also includes a whole wealth of charts, graphs, tools and tables as well as plentiful third party extensions that permit you to add all sorts of functional, professional, advanced features to your admin panel up to finished pages. Piluku’s deployment of the AngularJS framework provides a masterful set of libraries and codebases that immensely expand the possibilities of your single page applications with all sorts of dynamic client-side scripting jQuery goodies that play very nicely with the AngularJS backbone. Piluku is available in two flavors, a purely Bootstrap-constructed one and an updated, expansive AngularJS version.



Urban is a highly sophisticated, immensely adaptable, deeply tech-savvy, highly versatile and completely pliable admin panel template page, a resourceful toolkit built by developers, for developers, that has been professionally designed to effortlessly handle all the complicated and diversified tasks you’d expect from any admin panel capable of running and developing web applications on top of itself. Urban is architecture agnostic, offering up both HTML and AngularJS versions of the template, with a truckload of different layouts and skins available in either.

Urban’s powerful Online Customizer deploys potent yeoman technologies that allow you the creation of incredibly refined CSS and LESS stylesheet generators per your precise needs and specifications. Numerous AngularJS components are included into the core of Urban, with each module contributing unimaginable functionality. jQuery can easily be handled with Urban, while Urban has also been built based on the Boostrap framework, meaning every element within Urban is inherently responsive, mobile and touch friendly. Charts, tables and numerous forms and pickers are ready for deployment out of the box. Two different editors are included with Urban, as well as frameworks for usage of maps, lists, calendars, alerts, and even a messenger system. Urban—the modern dashboard for the modern admin.



Maverick is a visually appealing, highly innovative, exhaustive and thorough, entirely cutting edge, technologically accomplished and extremely reliable, creative and offbeat, one of a kind admin panel template page, a specialized, hi-tech admin template page especially designed by developers and system administrators, mostly for deployment by developers and system administrators. That means Maverick is an admin panel template page that knows its audience and caters to it every step of the way—from the incredibly convenient web application framework chosen, AngularJS, which makes Maverick an incredibly pliable toolkit capable of pretty much any behavior under the sun, to extensive usage of the LESS standard, an expansive form of CSS that is far more dynamic and flexible, perfect for your web applications, intranet systems, content management system server-side applications and many similar, related ventures.

Maverick makes use of the Bower package manager to handle front-end dependencies, while Grunt takes care of execution, making Maverick a neat, self-contained admin dashboard solution that can produce the most flexible and powerful web applications on the market. And with Maverick’s extreme responsiveness, you would be hard-pressed to find any device capable of misrendering Maverick—the same technology that powers Twitter’s Bootstrap framework is behind this powerful template!



Materialism is an amazingly innovative, technologically avant-garde, visually stylish and highly customizable, powerfully functional, feature rich and plugin dense admin panel template page, a vastly potent set of tools, widgets, code snippets and many more useful elements that are combined into a seamless presentation. Materialism has been created adhering to Google’s Material Design philosophical principles, meaning Materialism is a starling representative of the modern, flat design aesthetic that has marked the new paperless world. In that sense, Materialism combines the pinnacle of aesthetic modernity with the pinnacle of technological modernity.

Built on the incredible AngularJS software application framework, Materialism is capable of the most complex tasks handled both on the server or client side of the equation, as you heart (or client) may require. Node.js, Grunt and Bower are deployed to great results, producing flawless code and functions that are extremely easy to modify and customize with your own code as necessities may dictate. Materialism makes use of the world’s new standard, Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, which makes every Materialism dashboard and resultant products inherently and flawlessly mobile-friendly, responsive and touch-friendly, seamlessly adapting themselves to any screen size or device and instantly compatible with all sorts of preexistent extensions. Materialism is amazingly cleanly coded, so it’s extra easy for developers to build upon. Enjoy!



Materia is a vastly sophisticated, highly refined, visually exquisite, incredibly modern, innovative and cutting-edge, stylistically minimalist, fresh-faced, clean and powerful admin panel template page, an incredibly current, relevant and handy admin panel template page that has been exclusively built for the handling of website applications, user dashboards and other similar, technical endeavors that require both complete reliability as well as utmost technological proficiency. To that end, Materia incorporates elements from Google’s brilliant Material Design philosophy, emboldening it with gorgeous, flat, minimalistic designs that are full of color and life and incredibly intuitive and easy to understand for both new and advanced users.

Additionally, sophisticated technologies are implemented within Materia, including impressive Bower front-end dependency management producing beautiful LESS stylesheets to dress your web applications to impress as well as Lazy Loading scripts using Grunt. There’s pretty much nothing Materia hasn’t thought about, so it has also been constructed on top of a Bootstrap framework that packs it full of completely responsive, cross-compatible tools and services that are rendered just as beautiful on every device. Materia’s stellar feature, of course, is its integral AngularJS backbone, a core that is so powerful and so pliable it will empower you to produce pretty much absolutely any web application you can imagine.



Materil is an incredibly convenient, highly specialized, tech-savvy and developer-friendly, visually stimulating and thought-out, vastly customizable, enormously pliable both in behavior and in production admin panel page template, a versatile and potent dashboard template that is equipped with all the technologies required to produce incredible, mind-bendingly awesome web applications. Materil incorporates both the nigh-magical AngularJS framework as a backbone to run your intranet, web application or other similar service from, with AngularUI on top as a boundless native user interface that can be easily customized to your heart’s desire, and that is compatible with and designed under Google’s own Material Design philosophy, the visual language for the new, paperless centuries, that will ensure every element of your Materil-developed solutions is intuitive and easily parsed by viewers worldwide.

Powered by Grunt task management, Bower dependency management and lazy dynamic loading technologies, Materil is amazingly efficient, and the inclusion of Less CSS technologies guarantees a more versatile page styling with far less redundancy. Tons of jQuery plugins are included out of the box, while many more are actually compatible and over 70% of these can work without creating the normally required directive. Materil is the name of time-saving miracles and workflow hastening like you’ve never heard of before. Check it, and you’ll never regret it!



Make is an incredibly intuitive, amazingly easy to use, visually impressive and entirely stunning, functionally diverse and quite powerful, highly customizable and technologically proficient AngularJS admin panel and builder template page, an endlessly resourceful template page that has been created with the flexibility required to function as both a premium admin dashboard template page, as well as an impressive page builder framework. Make is powered by the top of the line AngularJS software application framework, so Make is an ideal fit for developers, system administrators, programmers and webmasters in general that are in the market for very thorough, extensive templates that can give them all the tools required to run their web apps smoothly and seamlessly.

Make includes over 500 different professionally predesigned pages, including 4 different admin pages, RTL, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap versions, with enormously vast jQuery functionality thanks to over 80 custom jQuery plugins and a great wealth of compatible plugins and extendible plugins. A gorgeous advanced Mega Menu is included out of the box, along with boxed, sidebar and topbar layouts, among a multitude of others, and brilliant deployment of LESS CSS for absolutely jaw-dropping stylesheet generation and edition. Start producing the apps you want, with Make, today!



Clip-Two is a highly advanced, technologically audacious, extremely well put-together, incessantly dynamic, astonishingly simple to use and learn, vastly powerful, enormously popular and visually aesthetical admin panel template page, a virtually fully stacked, full featured front-end that is substantiated by an AngularJS foundation upon which a series of brilliant and useful jQuery plugins are implemented, as well as a Bootstrap graphical user interface that has been built for innate responsiveness and utmost cross-compatibility, an Angular Router UI and gorgeous CSS3 page transitions.

Clip-Two is a sophisticated combination of Bootstrap, Grunt and Bower, all on top of AngularJS, presented with SASS and filled out with the most convenient, neat little jQuery elements and snippets that can be easily implemented out of the box—as well as widespread jQuery plugin compatibility, as is the norm with Angular technologies. An HTML5 version, also available, is built on an HTML5 framework with Bootstrap elements. Both version include a modern HTML5 multi-purpose website template, because an admin needs a website, or so they say! Clip-Two really covers your back on all areas—a RTL HTML5 version is even specifically included, to truly globalize Clip-Two’s capabilities, and the new AngularJS Chat Directive, a Clip-Two exclusive, will absolutely marvel you and your crew. Try Clip-Two now!



Fuse is an extremely potent, incredibly pliable, unimaginably customizable and even more flexible, completely cleanly designed and fresh-faced, technologically refined, enormously dynamic, deeply technical, cleanly coded and heavily annotated admin panel template page, a thoroughly resourceful solution for internet administrators, system administrators, software application developers and programmers, and webmasters in general, to bring together the most powerful currently existing web standards to produce the most securely reliable, brutally efficient, entirely effective and undoubtedly successful software applications out there on the market today.

Fuse was created by developers, for developers, and thusly, every line of code within Fuse has been properly indented and annotated for easier reading and easier still modification, to truly make Fuse your own at the most important level—the code. For the less important levels, Fuse doesn’t skim one bit—an excess of a dozen professionally graphically designed layouts and even more completely predesigned full pages are included with Fuse, so your intranet, CMS or web application can theoretically be up and running about as quickly as Fuse can be deployed. Which happens to take nothing but two minutes and less clicks. Fuse includes features as diverse as calendars, email and file managers, to-do interfaces and much more. Let your better dashboard come together, with Fuse!



Slant is a very unique, visually one of a kind, aesthetically refined and sophisticated, functionally powerful and technologically accomplished, popular and successful admin panel template page, an especially crafted admin panel template page whose main inspiration was, from the start, the production of a different kind of admin panel, one that can offer all the powerful functionalities of the most common admin panel templates while still breaking from the cookie cutter mold of most admin panel templates.

Slant includes all the necessary skills of a modern dashboard template, with diverse proficiencies that include an enormously versatile AngularJS framework, a powerful set of tools that enable you to effortlessly produce the most modern and pliable software applications for all imaginable uses, from intranet or corporate applications to content management systems, apps of all kind and anything you might be developing. Slant can deliver all this power while still dressed to impress in an incredibly memorable, charming and differentiated style that sets Slant apart from the bunch. If you want to be in charge of your web application or admin dashboard and you wish to not compromise on aesthetics while still getting the cream of the crop in terms of power, reliability and versatility, Slant is just what you’ve been looking for.



Remark is a highly contextualized, extremely epochal, visually jaw-dropping, vastly elegant, entirely minimalistic and refined, technologically sophisticated, functionally flexible and very appealing admin panel template page, a clever, smart template page that has been equipped with the most amazing technologies available in order to afford webmasters and developers the widest range of possibilities in terms of single page and multipage application development.

Remark includes an enormous selection of designs and components that you can effortlessly make use of, including a whopping 120 jQuery plugins, horizontal Mega Menus, landing pages, a great diversity of predesigned, functional apps, such as Calendar, Contacts, Forum, Mailbox, Media, Project and Document Apps, AngularJS powered framework with Bootstrap inclusions for full, native responsiveness, touch-friendly panels, tables, charts and buttons, over 100 widgets and far over 1000 user interface components, user profiles, invoices, registration and login, handy plugins that expand functionalities with forms, charts, graphs, and much more. Synchronize your media uploads, manage contacts with three different styles, administrate your applications with multiple layouts and variants and virtually endless combinations of these, or just lay back and let Remark do the heavy lifting and just deploy whichever one of the many included pages best works for your project, and get going today!


If you are on a tight budget or just don’t feel like paying for premium admin templates you might want to check these completely free ones.